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SimplyLab offers the services of a universal platform for brokers, which provides tools for creating and launching a brokerage company with extensive capabilities. Brokers receive a turnkey business, and their clients receive a personal account with a full set of necessary software, access to a CRM system and services integrated through the SimplyLab API, if necessary.

Brokerage companies can use the service applications provided by the platform, programs of their own development or software from third-party developers to provide their users with everything they need for trading. At the same time, if you have experience and your own achievements in this area, you do not need to give them up, just combine them with ours. By connecting their developments to SimplyLab, the broker can sell them as a single solution to cover all the needs of their clients.

Providing your traders with a full set of functions, you will gain a competitive advantage from the start, which will distinguish you in the eyes of potential customers. The services are available for companies of different sizes and capabilities.

From SimplyLab, you get a fixed cost of products, which is on average 3 times more profitable than the market, while you set the price for using all the functions for your customers. SimplyLab providers also receive free installation and full configuration of the platform.

To become a SimplyLab partner, you need to send a request, sign a contract with them and buy a SimplyLab license that you will use for yourself or your customers.

Conditions for providers
  • You need to become our client
    You need to sign a contract with us and buy a license for the SimplyLab platform. You can use this license for yourself or provide it to your client.
  • Installing and configuring the platform is our concern
    We will provide your broker with server equipment. And our technical support will ensure the stability of the platform.
  • Our products are for you for 50% of their cost
    You will be able to purchase each additional license for the platform from us for 50% of the cost.
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