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Simpletrader Platform
Software package for Forex brokers

Turnkey FOREX broker

Do you want to learn how to start a FOREX brokerage activity? This is a very interesting business opportunity, but before opening a forex company, you need to make many important decisions, first of all, where to register as a forex broker, as well as other organizational issues. When your company is ready to work, the main question will be how you will attract new customers. Today you have a choice of how to start a forex business. You can take on all the problems associated with starting a company from scratch or use a turnkey solution.

FOREX broker - what is it and how does it work?

FOREX broker is a company that connects traders and financial markets. Brokers earn money by charging their clients, usually by receiving a share of each transaction made and completed transaction. Not all brokers adhere to the same pricing model or method, some charge fixed commissions, and others charge interest commissions depending on the size of the transaction. In addition, brokers benefit from the spread, that is, the difference between the price of currency pairs, which is calculated in points. Other brokers may charge a commission for depositing or withdrawing funds from the trading account, as well as additional commissions or any other relevant services provided.

Stages of creating a brokerage company

Opening a forex broker from scratch requires much more time and effort. You will need to register this business, comply with all legal requirements, negotiate with banks, developers, and so on. Here are the main stages of organizing a Forex broker:

  1. Study of the target market. It is recommended that you first define the target region or regions. Knowing where clients will come from will help you choose the best jurisdiction for registering a brokerage company. Before making a decision, compare the legal requirements of several jurisdictions.
  2. Preparation of a business plan. The presence of a business plan of a forex broker company helps to simplify the process of creating and promoting a new financial company. A good business plan consists of a description of target markets and customer portraits, start-up capital, projected profits and expenses, marketing and social strategy, competitor research, and other sections.
  3. Collecting initial capital. The capital requirements are usually set by the jurisdiction, but regardless of their requirements, the cost of creating a forex brokerage company is quite high, since you must have enough money to cover operating expenses for at least 6 months to a year.
  4. The choice of partners. It is impossible to compete in this market without a stable payment processing system, so a brokerage company needs reliable payment service providers. It is important to have different deposit and withdrawal options that are convenient for your potential customers.
  5. You will also need to agree on a credit line with the bank to provide customers with leverage. Allocate enough time for this to go through all the complex bank verification and approval procedures.

  6. Setting up an online presence. You will need to create an attractive website, choose trading platforms, and integrate additional services. Creating a high-quality website is not a fast process, so you should take care of it as soon as possible.
  7. Organize an office. The brokerage company will need IT personnel, financial personnel, customer support, marketing and sales departments, lawyers.
  8. Launch. Before you start a Forex broker, check everything. Everything needs to be tested several times, both by professional testers and by a focus group of your potential customers. During this time, you can also train your staff, especially the customer service department. It is important to support the launch with a well-developed marketing campaign.

Ready-made Forex Broker Solution

Becoming a forex broker may be easier than you think!

If you want to start a Forex trading business, it may be better to use a turnkey solution first. For a new broker, this means easier legal requirements, no capital requirements, and a faster setup process. Significantly lower operating costs are a big advantage in the first months, until you have a solid customer base. When a brokerage company already has its own brand and customer base, it is much easier to get additional financing.

If you are thinking of using the option of creating your own turnkey Forex broker, you need to carefully consider what the provider should prepare for your site. There are several companies on the market that offer turnkey solutions, but their offers vary significantly. You must first choose what services you want to provide to traders as a Forex broker.

Help in launching a Forex broker

Our company provides its customers with all the opportunities. If after some time you want to expand your services or include new tools, it is desirable that they can be provided by the same service provider.

We have developed a turnkey forex solution that helps companies and individuals to join the ever-growing Forex brokerage business, and provide brokerage services from start to finish. Just contact us by email, via social networks, by phone or by leaving your details here. A personal manager will help you choose the best package for your needs.

The technical team will install and integrate all your brokerage components, and a training specialist will guide your team through all your systems so that you are ready to work. We will help you organize lead generation so that you have clients from the first days of your brokerage company's operation.

Our advantages

With our services, your brokerage company will satisfy all its needs in technological management and marketing, as you will receive:

  • The best payment solution providers;
  • Full support, all services in one place - your own channel, web development, client zone, turnkey MetaTrader, liquidity, lead generation and payment solutions in one place.
  • Forex broker software with excellent connections, as our network of suppliers is the largest and most trusted in the industry.
  • Connecting to primary sources of high-quality liquidity for brokers of any size.
  • < li>CRM, which is designed to increase conversion and increase the cost of credit (LTV) and is adapted to the needs of novice Forex brokers.
  • Top-quality solutions at affordable prices.
  • Not just a solution provider, but a strategic partner with an active approach and full responsibility in all our interactions.
Demonstration of our platform
There are hundreds of tools in 1 account
Forex and Stocks
100 currency pairs, 80 CFD contracts, futures and metals.
Asian currencies and Stocks
Currency pairs of China, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and shares of the largest Chinese companies.
Fractions of a second to
Processing in less than 1 second
Deposit from $0 and no commission
The best liquidity providers.
Flexible trading settings system
Convenient filters and reports PDF/XML/HTML
Transferring a customer from A-Booking to B-booking intelligently.
5 Suppliers of quotations
0 USD per lot
We do not charge commissions from the lot and we have no control over your transactions.
Web API-a remote interface for accessing the data and functions of the trading platform:
  • Improve your software
  • Connect CRM
  • Loading quotes in real time or PAMM accounts
Support is available in our Telegram Bot @simplylabot
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