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Ready-made personal account for brokers
Cabinet for traders

SimplyTrader - an individual account for traders with record functionality

SimplyTrader is an innovative service tool for both traders and investors, which provides everything necessary for managing financial flows, building comprehensive reports and receiving funds from end users by moving through secure encrypted channels. Thanks to a personal account for digital and other popular assets, product software and a convenient client environment, SimplyTrader is very popular with local and international companies, brokers and hedge funds. It will become an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to stay one step ahead in the world of trading.

The main components of the SimplyTrader Trader's Cabinet

SimpyTrader is an ideal platform for brokerage and financial companies who want to have a reliable and convenient tool for managing deposits and clients. Due to the flexible software structure, the software can be located in various data centers, providing high fault tolerance. Traders can also use the SimpyTrader service cabinet, which allows them to effectively manage their digital assets and perform trading operations.

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