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PAMM account service for a broker
PAMM module for brokers

PAMM accounts

The trust management company manages trust funds and assets of investors and managers. Our PAMM module offers a wide range of investment and asset management services, as well as responsible storage services.

The trend of modern asset trading - social trading gathers traders in a common space, and managers receive high rewards. The higher the manager's rating, the clients bring you money.

The module provides not just PAMM and master accounts, but provides a competitive environment for managers and protection of their trading strategies. The company charges a small percentage of the assets it manages, but the larger the asset pool, the lower the commission percentage. You get profit from large deposits of your clients, thanks to a powerful system of attracting investors.

Why are investors interested in this?

It is interesting for traders to invest more for several reasons:

  • The invested funds remain on the client's account;
  • Traders can choose a manager based on his rating, while they can choose several managers;
  • Investors receive convenient reports on the movement of their funds and the productivity of their investments.

Thus, by attracting large deposits of traders, we provide managers with superprofits from their clients. At the same time, you have the opportunity to choose traders at your discretion.

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