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About our team

The task set by the SimplyLab Inc team is to meet the needs of professionals working in forex, financial and similar markets, as well as those working in the field of e-commerce. To achieve these goals, ITT specialists are working on creating Internet services and software products that can simplify and increase the productivity of professionals, professionals working in finance, e-commerce, stock market, crypto market.

We are developing and implementing our SimplyTrader trading platform. Our developers have experience of cooperation with world leaders in the field of software production.Our developments are innovative in many respects, since there is no single integrated system for automating investment activities on the international market, from ensuring the security of a trader's business to reporting to management and clients. This requires the team to have research skills, the ability to think outside the box, knowledge of a wide range of computer technologies, serious financial and mathematical training. The group leaders are engaged in scientific activities and have publications in international computer and domestic financial journals. The professionalism of ITT developers has also been used to implement projects of a major US financial information provider.

Products and developments

Forex Platform. It collects information about the stock market, processes it and reports on the situation on the markets of various assets using special trading algorithms.

Crypto exchange. It is designed for automatic cryptocurrency trading on the stock exchange through the Simply trading terminal using various trading tactics and approaches, with the task of generating profits and controlling risks, as well as collecting and analyzing transaction statistics.

Trading robots for web exchanges. It is designed to automatically trade cryptocurrencies on various cryptocurrency exchanges via the API. Trading is carried out using various trading tactics and approaches, and it faces the task of making a profit and controlling risks.

Aggregators are sites for collecting exchange and commercial information. The information is processed, analytical indicators are calculated, and then presented in a convenient and user-friendly format.

Over the past few years, we have developed and released dozens of programs and web services for traders, investors and traders. We have significantly improved both the speed and quality of decision-making, as well as reduced the influence of the human factor (errors and emotions) on us.

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