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The best binary options with a minimum deposit in 2022

An option is a contract for the right to purchase an asset. It indicates the time of purchase and a fixed price agreed in advance. This document entitles you to receive a profit, which is the difference between the real and expected value

What are binary options?

To make a profit from a binary option, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary analysis and determine how the price of a particular asset will rise or fall. Before the start of trading, the asset has a certain value, which changes every second during the event.

The art of the trader is determined by the correct definition of the dynamics where the quotes will move. If he has determined correctly and placed bets, then the yield can be up to 90% of his deposit.

This will become known at the end of expiration, that is, the termination of the contract.

Advantages of binary options</h3>

This is a relatively new type of trade that appeared in Russia in 2011. He gradually began to gain popularity, despite the negative statements about him on the Internet. What are the advantages of bidding?

  1. Simplicity. There are only two states of value - the rise and fall of the price.
  2. Fixed income. If the quotes rise by at least 1 position, then the trader's income is guaranteed.
  3. The risk is known in advance.
  4. The speed of transactions. It takes only 30 seconds to 1 minute to get the result.

The main goal of the trader is to find out about the upcoming event in time and predict the event. For example, there is information about an economic event that says that it will cause the economy to take off in America. Naturally, the dollar will rise.The trader finds out about this first and buys a binary option for $ 20, specifying the condition of receiving 75% of the profit. If the forecast is justified, then the trader will receive the invested $ 20 + $ 15 profit.

How to choose a broker?

The broker acts as an intermediary between two traders, that is, he does not make a purchase himself, but receives a percentage of the transaction.

Example: Trader A and Trader B buy options in which there is a diametrically opposite forecast.

One remains "in the balance" and loses everything, while the other receives 190% of the profit, of which 100% is his own investments, and 90% is profit, since 10% goes to the broker.

The choice of a brokerage firm depends on how successfully you will be able to earn on binary options and how much money you will need to make the first transaction. What selection criteria exist:

  • the term of the company's activity;
  • license availability;
  • reviews on forums;
  • quality of financial services;
  • clear trading platform;
  • minimum start-up capital.

All these indicators characterize the work of a brokerage office and are crucial for the acquirer of a binary auction.

The advantage of working with us

The SimpleTrader platform has been on the market since 2020, but it quickly gained investors. From 5 people who were just starting out, it has grown to 200 projects, most of which are working successfully.

Our advantages:

  • we have been working since 2020;
  • excellent reviews from those who have worked with us and continue to cooperate;
  • starting capital XX $;
  • there is a demo version where you can try your hand;
  • quick withdrawal of money in any way.

There are many contradictory reviews about binary options. However, there is a noticeable increase in the number of traders who are interested in this type of earnings. Attracts the opportunity to earn the first money quickly, having a minimum initial capital.

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